Thursday, August 30, 2012

Next-gen vehicles in Hollywood film

Check out the current issue of StudentFilmmakers for our lengthy article on next-gen vehicles in Hollywood film.  Includes an interview with Christian Ruoff at ChargedEVs.  Separately, go to YouTube, enter "William Vartorella" and you will see the unedited version of the interview I did at the IEEE lst global conference on electric vehicles, where I presented on my emerging business model for funding cutting-edge motorsports (and, by inference, new car companies and racing venues).


William Vartorella said...

Just saw (again!) "Race the Sun," the docudrama about Hawaiian students designing and racing a "cockroach" solar car some 2000 miles across the outback.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nick Pugh has a car design in "Logan." His Xeno changed the face of edgy car dedign years ago.

William Vartorella said...

Hope to catch up with Nick.