Sunday, July 28, 2013

SARA and Various White Papers

If anyone wishes a copy of the paper I gave at the recent SARA conference held at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Green Bank, WV), send me a private e-mail and I'll send along the presentation, which essentially looked at strategies and tactics for funding the next generation of small radio telescopes (interferomenters, etc.).  You may want to Google my name and manned space exploration to see my White Paper published on the future of NASA, particularly my suggested repurposing of it as Nanotechnologies, Astrobiology, Space Telescopes, and Advanced Materials (NASA).  Separately, spool up the AIAA Commercial Space website for my White Paper on venture capital and space exploration.  Also, my work on e-motorsports as a disruptive formula earned me a national award (3rd place, Technical/Magazines) in the 2012 AARWBA competition.  Clearly the line of demarcation between aerospace, automotive, and advanced materials has blurred.

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