Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Sponsorship Model for Carbon Neutral Motorsports

“Peak oil (?), carbon neutral racing, and the sprint for 21st Century Sponsorships”

Pace Notes by Bill Vartorella ©2011

Executive Summary: Steve McQueen—“Racing is life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.” In terms of waiting for a return to the glory years of racing as we knew it, we may be “Waiting for Godot.” The short-term good news, according to IEG, which monitors sponsorships worldwide, is that North American-based corporations expect to spend an estimated $3.5 billion this year primarily to sponsor teams and tracks--up more than 4% over last year. Looks great on paper, but the devil is in the details. J.D. Powers has just released a report indicating that by 2015, some 55% of the global hybrid market will be the U.S.—10% of the entire U.S. automotive market. Like it or not, the future of motorsports is the rise of “carbon neutral racing.” METRICS is a transitional strategy for sponsorship. We'll be lecturing on this soon at a meeting in NYC, then in our forthcoming book. Essentially, we're advocating think fast, dare to be green, and target the pool of rising hybrid sponsors.


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William Vartorella said...

See my TEDxYouth talk,"The Elysium Challenge: The Future of the Automobile--Evolutionary or Revolutionary?",pitting student car designs against conventional wisdom. Students, whose designs were selected were told to "come on down" (game show style to explain and pitch their designs to their peers and to answer questions. Schools were challenged to combine student cell phone power to create the coachwork of the winning design.