Friday, February 24, 2012

Satellites, Electric Cars, and the Future of Motorsports

Lot going on here that impacts science and exploration funding. In March, our article on the intersection between venture capital and "small satellites" will appear in one of the leading satellite trades. Simultaneously, we shall attend the IEEE EV Conference, where we shall participate in a panel examining factors related to successful EV corporate start-ups. Recently, our brief article on the Future of Motorsports appeared in AARWBA's monthly newsletter. We're also preparing a piece on MilSats, which will explore a mixed-use platform.


Park Avenue Funding said...

this is a good news indeed .

William Vartorella said...

For a great racing read fueled by hacking and Russian intrigue, see race car designer (and F1 insider) Alan Wilson's grand prix thriller,"Zapped!" A timely and haunting look at electronic vulnerabilities of F1 cars and,by implication, e-motorports. It is at the technological extreme from the film noire feel of Sandro Martini's "Tracks--Racing the Sun," which features Tazio Nuvolari and the pre-War greats in the pre-safety era when gasoline and adrenaline often mixed with fatal consequences. Classics in their own right!

William Vartorella said...

College students have asked me about insights for creating a winning Formula SAE racecar. Of course, Wm. and Douglas Milliken's "Race Car Vehicle Dynamics" comes to mind,as well as Matt Brown's"Racecar: Searching for the Limit in Formula SAE" and Nikhil Raj's " Race Car Suspension." But for an ouside-the-box design view, see Mark Christensen's "Super Car" or,as counterpoint,G. Bruce Knecht's analysis of exploiting rules loopholes in "The Comeback: How Larry Ellison's Team Won the America's Cup."